CFSG ‘Guidance on Dog Conformation’

The BWG endorses the Canine & Feline Sector Group (CFSG) ‘Guidance on Dog Conformation’ and recommends wide promotion of this guidance to support improved breeding and purchasing decision-making in relation to brachycephalic dog breeds.

The CFSG sub-Group’s Guidance on Dog Conformation is intended to educate, inform and improve public awareness about dog conformation and its impact on dogs and wider society. It supports the Regulations relating to breeding and provides practical guidance for anyone breeding, selling or buying a dog whether for the purpose of further breeding or as a domestic pet. It highlights some of the key conformational aspects to look for in a dog when making decisions on whether to breed from or acquire a dog. As with humans, all dogs can have health problems however some dogs are more prone to diseases that are linked to their conformation than are others whether they are pedigree, non-pedigree or crossbreeds. It is important to note that just because a dog is prone to a condition linked to conformation, it doesn’t mean it will develop the condition. In this Guidance, specific breeds are not named and conditions covered potentially apply to any breed or crossbreed. If intending to breed from a dog, the Guidance can be used in conjunction with the legislation and its related guidance to determine whether or not to breed from either potential parent. If acquiring a puppy or adult dog, this Guidance on Dog Conformation can be used to look for physical aspects either in the parents or the dog being acquired. This Guidance is not intended to cover specific breeds and their potential genetic conditions or related tests. However, it sign-posts resources that can be accessed to inform and support awareness of genetic testing where needed.

CFSG. 2020. CFSG Guidance on Dog Conformation. Canine and Feline Sector Group.