VetCompass Infographics

BWG and VetCompass have produced an infographic on Heat-related illness in dogs

VetCompass have developed the following infographics, which summarise brachycephalic breed research:

Breed-based Infographics:

Health-based Infographics:

Nottingham Trent University have produced an infographic in collaboration with VetCompass on heatstroke in dogs (click for full paper)

The following limitations should be taken in to account for each of these studies:

  • The longevity values are derived from deaths in the general population of dogs under veterinary care.
  • Longevity values for breeds that are increasing in popularity will be biased downwards (ie artifactually appear to die earlier) and conversely for breeds that are decreasing in popularity.
  • These results reflect the health status of the general population of dogs which includes both pedigree (ie Kennel Club registered) and non-pedigree dogs.