Petfished campaign (DEFRA)

BWG supports the government’s ‘Petfished’ campaign to raise awareness of untrustworthy sellers so prospective pet owners can make the best choice when buying a new pet.

Just like people can become ‘Catfished’ by a fictional persona, dishonest pet sellers will use similar tactics to ‘Petfish’ prospective owners. These unscrupulous sellers pretend that the puppy or kitten they’re selling you comes from a happy home. However, in reality the animal may have been bred or kept in poor conditions. This is especially relevant to dog breeds in high demand, such as brachycephalics.

It’s important to do your research so you know your new pet has come from a responsible seller. You can visit the government’s official website for signs on spotting a deceitful seller. BWG, in line with a number of welfare organisations, recommends using the puppy contract when looking to buy or adopt a new dog.

The BWG encourages anyone considering getting a brachycephalic breed to “Stop and think before buying a flat-faced dog”.