Current BWG Activities – Framework Update

The BWG recognises that brachycephalic dog breeds are predisposed to certain health problems linked to their brachycephalic shape. Conformation-related welfare impacts vary within these breeds and individual dogs within brachycephalic breeds may be affected by these problems to a greater or lesser extent.

The group is concerned by the rapid rise in ownership and number in some breeds of brachycephalic dogs in the UK – both those that are Kennel Club-registered and also those in the wider dog population, including unregistered purebred brachycephalics and so-called designer crosses that include brachycephalic parents.

The BWG will work collaboratively towards smaller numbers of better-informed owners acquiring the healthiest examples within these brachycephalic breed types but will continue to promote ownership of healthy dogs because of the significant benefits to humans from dog companionship.

The BWG’s goals will be met through actions that influence both supply of, and demand for, these brachycephalic breeds and also through enhancing the health of current and future generations of these dogs. The group recognises that there are many different stakeholders in relation to the brachycephalic dog issue in the UK and will harness the different opportunities that various members within the group have to influence these goals.

An update on progress towards these actions includes:

BWG Framework Actions (June 2018)